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Framingham Villages and Regions

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 This project is significant to teaching about Framingham as required in the Massachusetts Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks.  Our team members gained a great deal of insight into the breadth and depth of immigrant contributions throughout Framingham’s over 300-year history.  It allowed us to make connections across time and different cultures.  We selected four distinct regions of Framingham as our artifacts for study.  These regions continue the tale of immigration in Framingham.  Each region had its own particular natural resources.  These resources drew different immigrant groups and while the natural resources shaped the experiences of the immigrants, the immigrants in turn shaped the region making Framingham what it is today.  





5C's and PRIME's Chart.pdf


Mt. Wayte.pdf


Mt Wayte Lesson.pdf




Saxonville Lesson.pdf


Learned Pond with Lesson.pdf


*NOTE* The Dennison paper with lesson would not upload to the wiki, despite many attempts to compress it. It has been sent by email to TEC as an attachment.









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